Basically, I’m a young new-age hippie with hipster style. Welcome to my mind, with its black-framed glasses, ironic rock T-shirts and burlap notebooks.

My name is Christy Landry-Pitcher, and, by day, I work as an Interactive Media Manager at a local TV station. As a former English Instructor, I feel the need to keep writing. :) By whimsy, I lurk in dark corners trying to find things to keep my hands busy. Crafting, gardening, cooking, baking, eating, drinking, alphabetizing, decorating, driving my husband nuts, and playing with my puppy and kitties are how I fill in the holes of my life.

I became interested in blogging when I went on a search for personal healing. I haven’t always been the healthiest person, but I carried it on the inside, so it was difficult to find help. I began with yoga, which led me to essential oils and natural therapy. Then, I went gluten-free and dairy-free eating for skin and digestion issues, which led me to my quasi-Paleo lifestyle. Currently, I’m testing out a low-FODMAP diet, so I’ll keep you posted on that…

Reading, writing poetry, and living consciously are how I want to spend my moments. My animals and my husband (He might be sad I put him 2nd.) are my soul connections for how I round it all out. Oh, and the occasional rustic place setting and home-brewed gluten-free beer.