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My Health Philosophy | The Blissful Blueberry

The Blissful Blueberry

a journey into mindful living and wellness

My Health Philosophy

aerial yoga

Me, as an aerial yoga princess. :)

I’m no doctor. I’m not even a health coach (although I looked into it). I just know what works and what doesn’t work for me. And what works for me is being happy–without medications–without unnatural solutions.

Happiness. The best cure.

Throughout my childhood, I suffered from anxiety and IBS. No one really wondered if they were related and they weren’t treated as such. They actually weren’t treated at all. In college, I developed an eating disorder, which seemed to stem from a strict diet I put myself on that no realistic person could keep up with. (I had gotten engaged and told myself I was “wedding prepping.”) That I got help for. Really, really weird awkward help. Basically, I did it myself.

How did I get over the emotional issues? Happiness. How did I gain happiness? A new relationship, a worthy job and self-respect. Maintaining those things is tricky, but worth my time.  The addition of our puppy into the family has been quite the relief! Stressful, but the kind of stress that makes me feel needed.

The physical issues strangely enough are the most difficult for me. Leaky gut, acne, sluggishness. I couldn’t snap out of it! Now, the combined efforts of physical activity, essential oils, and restricted dieting have started me on the right path. My one caveat I must remind myself of though all the time: Don’t do too much. Don’t restrict too much, don’t worry about getting to your workout everyday, don’t take on too many extra-curricular “fun” activities. Balance and patience.

These are the keys to finding the healthiest version of me. It’s not about losing cellulite or lowering the number on the scale. It’s not about having an “error-free” tummy; it’s about knowing that I’m trying and having fun doing it.

puppy in the snow

Puppy with frisbee

World, meet Hobo Breakfast. My only child. The love of my life. My nemesis. My alarm clock. My Prozac.

He’s a Shetland Sheepdog with a one-track mind for T-words (read: treats).

He’ll steal your heart–

and your socks–

and your gloves. :)

He’s the reason I’m sane.







  1. This post has really made a distinction within my life. Thank you for the help.

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